JATC Committee

The committee is made up of 6 Labor Trustees and 6 Management Trustees.

<b>Tim Carter </b>
Tim Carter Chairman
<b>Tom Montgomary</b>
Tom MontgomarySecretary
<b>Kenny Branson </b>
Kenny Branson McKinstry
<b>Vanessa Carmen </b>
Vanessa Carmen Local 66
<b>Lance Deyette </b>
Lance Deyette Local 66
<b>Travis Elliott </b>
Travis Elliott Local 66
<b>Brian Fluetsch </b>
Brian Fluetsch Sunset Air Incorporated
<b>Mike Gifford</b>
Mike GiffordPSF Mechanical Inc.
<b>Rylan MacCay</b>
Rylan MacCayMacDonald-Miller
<b>Julie Muller-Neff </b>
Julie Muller-Neff SMACNA Western Washington
<b>Steve Musser </b>
Steve Musser Local 66
<b>Bryan Johnson</b>
Bryan JohnsonLocal 66